Livewires 2016 is revving up !

Posted on 22nd August, 2016

Last year's Livewires project was so successful we are doing it all again - this years themes so far decided are Birdlife, for which we invite poems, short* prose, photographs and drawings. The blog will have a regular Nature Diary from a writer who lives in the upper reaches about Langholm in the Borders, and a series of bird studies from a very fine photographer in the region.

Then there are Epiphanies, those moments that changed your mind, your life and your being. Write about a book, a film, a theatre piece and how it changed you - or an experience that rocked your world - it doesn't matter how modest a happening - if you'd like to share it, we'd like to too.

There will also be a daily series of writing prompts on the Southlight Facebook page for those sparky individuals who like a challenge,


* 'short' means not much more than half an A4 page, so readers don't have to scroll.

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