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Curlew - Tom Langlands







A memory of dancing

together, Mother and Son

in Blackpool Tower Ballroom.


A memory of Knickerbocker Glories

when they were ten feet tall

and real ice cream on Scarborough way.


A memory of a boy forever at your side.

A memory of showing you my first story.

A memory of you singing ‘My Way’

(Frank Sinatra eat your heart out.)


A memory.


A memory of  dancing 

Together, Mother and Son 

in Blackpool Tower Ballroom.


Tom Murray







Seeds of Horse Chestnut 

trees, cluster below

quilted leaves

poised to conker.





Earth seeks shade 

Packs cheeks with food

Face paints orange and yellow.


Tom Murray



Scare Prompt




The ettercap dances across 

the living room, as I dive bomb 

intae the imaginary pool on ma sofa.

Making me jump oot o' ma skin, 

quite ironic that eh?

"He's mare scared o' you 

than you are o' him" 

is quietly whispered in ma lug 

sending shivers doon ma 

spine and ma hairs stand on end 

o' the though o' the ettercap 

crawling up my legs and 

swallowing me up! 

"You're right! 

I am mare scared o' the spider 

than he is o' me...."


Daniel Gillespie




Daffs - pastel : Carolyn Yates




 A country walk



Standing on top of the hill,

I gaze around me and drink in the view.

The fields so yellow with corn

Ready and waiting or the farmer to till.


While down below at the bottom of the hill,

Over there to the right, an old cottage

Roofless, open to the elements


 Its timbers broken and bare.


Over there I can see the river,

With boats aplenty out for the day.

Their sails glistening white and red

While over the water they skim and play.


The sun is slowly in the west,

With clouds all golden purple and red,

With a shaft of sunlight piercing the sky

This is the time I love the best.


Alyx Martin 



Down The Lane 


Walking down the a country lane

The road stretches on and on

With a high hawthorn hedge on either side 

Leading me into a green and pleasant land

At the end of the verdant lane

The view opens out

To fields of green and yellow

Looking for all the world 

Like a carpet of lush green velvet

And as I watch a rabbit darts swiftly by

Followed swiftly by a blur of red.

And all the time the silence is broken,

By the singing of birds high in the sky

Which slowly sinks down to my ear. 



Alyx Martin


Space Prompt




My wee brother idolizes Yuri Gagarin

the first man off the planet, up into space


My wee brother has Yuri tattooed on his arm

pressed on by the museum's star man


My wee brother wears his astronaut pyjamas

and a cardboard helmet with a hole for his face


My wee brother applies to be on board for 2025

and the mission to Mars in a super fast rocket


My wee brother talks about circles of Saturn

and watches Jupiter blink at the night


My wee brother likes us to turn off our torches

so more stars will light up the darkest of places


Gillian Mellor





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