Metamorphosis SIX

Posted on 6th May, 2019

Day 6



The Growth of Ivy : Paul Goodwin


Creeping across the woodland floor, juvenile

Probing, seeking life’s stuff, blindly

Her dinosaur-footprint leaves soaking up the sparse sun

Finding a giant wooden leg, she scrambles towards the light


Straining ever upwards, she reaches journey’s end

Changing, swelling, leaves change to hearts, blossoms

Butterflies and hoverflies from near and far

Most beautiful and desired in maturity


Finally, the fruit, life’s purpose

To reproduce, some falling nearby

Others carried afar in the belly of a bird

New colonies started in strange places





Irene Cunningham



GREEN LIGHTS : Irene Cunningham



Her wig came today.

She posted a pic on FB,  

a whole life in her eyes.


I flip back in my head;

she’s fifteen again – funny

how people remain intact.


Thirty-five years hunker

in that space; I re-invented

myself, left her to live.


In the last twenty years…

a bleeding brain, five funerals, 

two weddings and big birthdays


drove us together. Now

we’re scrolling for news 

as she walks the wards


sucks up the poison, waits

at junctions where emeralds

scatter the path ahead.





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