Metamorphosis SEVEN

Posted on 7th May, 2019





Bird Brained : Jane Fuller


Night after night 

I dreamt in birds

folding along a murmurating edge.


Night after night 

I dreamt in birds

dropping into a gannet’s plunge.


Night after night

toes curling into talons

heart all a-flutter.


What does it mean?

I trilled at a nightjar

passing by open-mouthed.


Next morning 

the bed was an empty nest.

I’d fledged with the larks.


Lark ascending




New Life : Carol Price


I birthed in joy and honest sweat,


(her pale skin reddened in a flash)


with first breath came a raucous yell,


a breathing ,squirming, living thing

made of me.


Flesh on flesh, suffused with warmth,


the suckling child finds nipple source.


Eyes scrunched tight against the light,


until with awe she views her world,





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