Metamorphosis SEVENTEEN

Posted on 18th May, 2019

DAY 17


Coming to Nizas - Kelly Davis

We’ve been coming here for nearly 40 years: 

this village in the Languedoc, with its fountain, 

church and café, all present and correct.


Satellite dishes have only recently begun to bloom

like giant white fungi

on the ancient walls and roofs.


Meanwhile the generations line up 

at time’s turnstile: children become adults, 

then parents, then grandparents.


That little blond boy who rode his bike in the square

is now a householder,

with a name plate by a front door.


Sometimes I think my ghostly double lives here all the time, 

keeping my place in the queue,

slipping away silently when I return.




The  Lost World : Carol Price


The lost world before the ecological disaster


was the challenging topic of the Arts award.


Papier  mache models of extinct elephants,


paintings of imagined tropical forest,


soundscapes of springtime birds and mournful whales,


video clips of insect swarms and leafy trees.


A youth with slim wrists and gorgonzola breath


won the mixed media medal


for a collage of genetically modified seeds.


The ostentatious gold trophy presented


to a widow with sallow skin


for her outstanding depiction


of a breath of fresh air.


She smiled, (just visible behind her designer respirator),


as she accepted her much coveted prize


from a hologram of Sir David Attenborough.








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