Metamorphosis TWENTY

Posted on 21st May, 2019

DAY 20


Diary entry 2nd May -Yoga 2pm : Finola Scott


Spine trunk straight

tap root burrows


finds certainty.

The floor dissolves

and toes turn filigree.

Roots tangle soil,

tickle beetles

grip sure.

Limbs branch to explore,

embrace the firmament

beyond the hall's ceiling.

Leaves sun-seek, gather

lightness warmth.

Bark firms, armours

against life's slings.

Below, sweet sap rises.

Now Heartwood is steady.




Why are 90% of photographs of Yoga participants all young and slim ? (ED)



Parting words : Carol Price


Your parting words.

Probably rehearsed.

Finality assumed.

'Enjoy your life',

 you said.

Another command.

That was your way.



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