Metamorphosis TWENTY TWO

Posted on 23rd May, 2019

Day 22


Best Friends : Clare Phillips


I knew I was hers, for me

it was about the farm, borrowing

her Mum’s wellies to slurp frogs eggs

into jamjars, runs built for newts

out of lego.


It wasn’t being paired off 

on the twin, tweed seat 

of a coach to Wales

for the school adventure


tickling necks and touching knees

or later, watching 

her plait


become a kinked shawl 

like unpicked knitting

her whispered suggestion 


to share the top bunk 

swap our secrets.


I knew then she wasn’t 

my best friend, never could be

but we were all in love with something

the imago pushing to be born, spawn 

soon to be tadpoles, tiny frogs


another week, even a day

might do it.







Flood plain : Carolyn Yates


Today water is locked icy tight, and that band of geese is calling raucous greetings to a white sky. 

This bruised land-water freezes into crystals beads, breaks like shot under the dog’s paws. 


But yesterday, yesterday was different. Yesterday water threw itself down mountains, shrieked, rolled, tumbled out to wider plains. Yesterday the raging earth spewed up animals, carpets, sofas, all tossed to sea. 


Silky water coaxed earth to desert the land, gulls cried like drowning babies. 

Sublimated meIt-water ran new rivers across our hearts. 

Today the seer predicts flood defences will fall.


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