Metamorphosis TWENTY FIVE

Posted on 26th May, 2019

DAY 25


Leela Soma, author of 'Twice Born', 'Bombay Baby' and 'Boxed In' has taken the concept of 'Metamorphosis' in its broadest sense,  the Chameleon poem on young Asians and their wanting to 'change'  and the other one 'Journey' what  Asians  tend to aspire to in old age- 'Moksha' or salvation. 





The Asian Brit, young ones, colours shifting at will

ashamed of their immigrant parents and

their heavy accents, their love of ‘home.’

Home, a far-away country, thousands of miles away

that their parents had left to give them a better life.


The reptiles change their clothing when they leave home,

become one with their peers, shed their traditions

integrate at will; rid their layers of roots to blend in

a chameleon on every branch of tree that they cling to,

brown as the bark or green as the leaves,






Born from a seed, a sapling, a flower, a fruit
musical scales in the bark, the art of branches
reaching out to touch the sunshine. To enliven 
the language of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze
the tree, roots, weeds, bush, grass, in symmetry

bounteous nature lush green surrounds life 
sylvan heaven on earth, sown by divine hands?

Flowing gently, the green reflected like a mirror

pebbles grey, brown, white and  rose under the stream 
edged with shimmering silica, snaking along the course
joining the river, tiny strands of water, flowing in
reaching towards the huge sea, a union, merging.
Like the journey of life, shades of light and darkness
seeking Moksha, and attaining the ultimate Consciousness. 


Note: Moksha :  salvation






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