Metamorphosis TWENTY EIGHT

Posted on 29th May, 2019

DAY 28


Buzzard : Jackie Galley


Takes beetles, toddler gait

to the next one.

Higher up the slope I watch

how the sun occasionally spotlights

through cloud, shadows running

down the field giving the impression 

of movement.

I am reluctant to leave

settle to wait until the food is finished

until flight shifts the perspective

air is trapped in talons

and I become insect small

to a birds-eye vision.




WHEN IT'S TIME TO GO : Clive Donavan


Not to be pulled out wrestled from a hide

Like a rabbit

Or uncooperative trout

Or bludgeoned pig or sheep or cow;

I would rather like to go like this parsley on my plate;

Green, alive, and willing, in acquiescence to my fate.





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