Editor Profiles





John Burns


John was a founding editor of Cencrastus. He is a short story writer and poet who writes in English and in Scots. His work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. He is the author of Celebration of the Light;Zen in the novels of Neil M. Gunn, Series of dreams: The vision Songs of Bob Dylan, Open Sky Poems and a Scotnote on Alan Spence. he teaches English and Tai Chi.







Vivien Jones



Vivien writes short stories, poetry and plays. Her first poetry collection - About Time, Too - was published in September 2010 by Indigo Dreams Publishing. She also won the Poetry London Prize that year. A second collection - Short of Breath - was published in 2012 (Cultured Llama Press) She has twice performed as a Poetry Double  with Jacob Polley and Jen Hadfield. She has  two short fiction collections in print, and numerous other publication credits, nationally and internationally. She currently divides her writing time between creating award-winning plays and devising and leading writing workshops - especially in museums and historic properties.








Angus Macmillan     


Angus Macmillan was born in Lewis but has spent most of his working life, as a psychologist, in Dumfries and Galloway. He writes mostly poetry, and his work in English and Gaelic (his native language) has been widely published in various magazines and anthologies. His collection Life Lines was published by Markings. His recent work has involved collaborations with the writer and photographer Derek Ross, with three projects: Language and Light, Tidelines, and Beyond the Wall, yielding some fifteen exhibitions across the region and beyond.